Automate your customer billing and subscriptions

A first-of-its-kind, DebiCheck-ready, Automated Payment Gateway that safely plugs into your eCommerce solution, allowing your consumers to subscribe and pay securely online

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Collect securely with the DebitMe add-on

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Secure eMandates

Capture authenticated mandates securely online, with little technical effort. Manage mandates within the BankTech console.

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Customer self-initiated

Let your customers subscribe through DebiCheck and authenticate the mandate at the point of checkout via USSD, their banking app or online.

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Manage subscriptions

Track, manage and amend once-off or recurring customer payments and forecast your cash flow, all within the BankTech platform.

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Plug and play environment

Plug into any website or eCommerce platform with our API and start collecting fast. No complicated tech integration required.

DebitMe harnesses the potency of DebiCheck

When you add the DebitMe add-on as a payment method on your website, your customers can subscribe or pay through DebiCheck. The mandate is created and authenticated at the point of checkout.

With DebitMe your customers don’t even need a bank card to pay for your services. Open up your offering to new markets and deal with fewer failed payments because of lost or expired cards.

Multi-channel secure transaction confirmation

Enable your customers to securely authenticate transactions on their mobile device via USSD, banking app, cellphone banking, or via online banking – fully realise the power of DebiCheck with the DebitMe add-on.

By far the most cost-effective customer payment method*

DebitMe enables your customers to make recurring payments via debit order with low transactional fees for the merchant, meaning more money in your pocket. Contact us today to start saving and experience the power of DebitMe.

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*Compared to conventional online payment methods for recurring payments