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  • Collect monthly from your customers

  • Authenticate contracts in real-time

  • Automate billing with future invoicing

  • Reduce unpaids with DebiCheck built in

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Debit order collections

  • Collect once-off or recurring payments via debit order
  • Create customer segments that find the most cost-effective payment method automatically
  • Learn more about how collections work

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Real-time verification

  • Verify your customer’s ID number and bank account
  • Real-time verification takes place at the point of sale to prevent the future hassle of failed payments
  • Learn more about how verifications work

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DebiCheck mandates

  • Create DebiCheck mandates in real-time
  • Regain control of your cash flow with the most secure debit order method
  • Learn more about how DebiCheck works

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Automated billing

  • Automate your billing-to-cash conversion
  • Create future collections from a single mandate to save time and administration effort
  • Contact us to learn how automation can benefit your business


Powerful engines to streamline your process

  • Automate and optimise recurring customer payments with our Collections engine
  • Reconcile bank results with customer invoices and mandates with our Recon engine
  • Stay in touch with your customers with personalised, auto-triggered communication through our Engagement engine
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