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Get paid by any combination of the following methods

Once-offdebit ordersRecurringdebit ordersLate window:EFT debitsEarly windowdebit orders:DebiCheckEarly windowdebit orders:NAEDO

Debit order collection features

DynamictrackingFull ERPautomationAutomatic processing rules

BankTech is DebiCheck enabled

DebiCheck is South Africa's latest and most secure payment channel. Consumers authenticate the payment series (or "mandate") either in real-time on their mobile or on one of their banks' channels (USSD, banking app, ATM, etc.).

DebiCheck debit orders are not disputable by the consumer after authentication and because it runs early in the morning just after the salary payments, it has a much lower unpaid rate.

You can authenticate, manage and collect on DebiCheck mandates in the BankTech console, or use our DebiCheck API framework to build your own solution. Use our DebiCheck API endpoints for authentication, amendments, cancellations and status checks of mandates, or view the results of your DebiCheck collections.

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Bring your own bank

If you are already processing through a bank, you can keep your current relationship, pricing and settlement process. We will process on your bank codes, while you only pay for using our platform.

For more flexibility you can process through more than one acquiring bank. Easily switch between providers and experience the advantages of being truly multi-banked.

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* BankServ coming soon

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Let us handle the bank

If you’re new to payments, or want to get going fast, we can handle the registration and negotiation with the banks while you focus on building your business. The price you see is what you pay, inclusive of bank fees, and we settle into your account in a few days.

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Our accreditations

BankTech holds the following accreditations:

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Make payments from any South African bank

Multi-signatoryBank-gradesecuritySegregationof duties

Types of payments

Once-offDisbursementSalariesCross-borderpaymentsHigh valuepaymentsReal-timeclearing
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Verify your customers in real-time

Bank accountverificationDebiCheckauthenticationDeceasedstatus check

Types of authentication

ID documentMobile numberDriver’s license

Rest assured with AVSR

Avoid losing business through failed transactions at the point of sale with our real-time Account Verification Service (AVSR). Check bank account information fast and cost-effectively, before collecting payments.

Add the AVSR functionality to your app workflow or batch verify to streamline your process.

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Engage to create a superior user experience

PersonalisedcommunicationOutward APItriggersIn-app triggers

Available channels

WhatsAppand SMSFacebookMessengerUSSD push

Join the chat economy

Create your own automated communication process with our APIs and reach your customers in more convenient ways. Engage via WhatsApp, SMS, Facebook Messenger or USSD push. Trigger personalised responses in-app and give your customers the benefits of self-service.

Make doing business with you as easy as sending a text message and join the chat economy today.

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