Automate and optimise your recurring customer payment collections

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Collect recurring payments more efficiently

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Collections engine benefits


Out-of-the-box collections efficiency

With the BankTech collections engine you get easy access to the tools you need to optimise your recurring payments. Switch between collection methods, engage with your customers through various channels and use your data to make adjustments along the way.

By seamlessly integrating with your ERP our collections engine processes debit orders through personalised interactions, leveraging machine-learned data to better understand customer behaviour.

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Smart features built in

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DebiCheck enabled

Initiate DebiCheck authentication requests with our widget and collect with minimal effort.

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Triggered comms

Triggered, personal and real-time two-way communication with customers via WhatsApp.

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Auto-retry logic

Automatic re-submission when an exception occurs to minimise unpaids.

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Auto dunning

Event-based triggers to automatically manage customer arrears.

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Deep bank integration

Integrate with one or more financial service providers and easily switch to new suppliers when you have to.

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Dynamic payment gateway

Easily switch between collection methods to increase revenue and collections efficiency.

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End-to-end automation

Codify and track your end-to-end customer collection and payments value chain.

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Data-driven insights

Leverage insights from your data to improve your collection processes.

Stay in control throughout the collections journey

No more time wasted on manual reconciliations

Why drive a manual process when you can go fully automatic? Our collections engine creates your payments and collections instructions to the bank and automatically reconciles incoming payments with outstanding invoices.

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Integrate once and enjoy access to all major banks