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Our DebiCheck portal enables you to initiate DebiCheck mandates directly in the BankTech console as part of your workflow

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DebiCheck portal benefits


The quickest way to enable DebiCheck

Create mandates, verify and collect with DebiCheck directly from the BankTech console, or add it into your workflow with a few simple lines of code.

Our DebiCheck portal allows you to enable TT1 and TT2 authentication channels and collect in a few easy steps. Gain the customer and business benefits DebiCheck offers without the effort.

Increased payment success means better cash flow

DebiCheck collections process in the earliest window, before NAEDO and EFT, so they offer the highest collection success rate. To top it off, an authenticated mandate is not disputable, so payment persistency is improved significantly.

In short, our DebiCheck portal can help your business thrive with better cash flow.